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Who made it to Kim's Christmas concerts?

Report where you have seen (or will see) Kim Wilde (newspaper, magazine, TV, radio...)

Who made it to Kim's Christmas concerts?

Postby Janine » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:45 am

Shame it was so difficult to get tickets - the setlist looked great:
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Just wondering
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Re: Who made it to Kim's Christmas concerts?

Postby TheWildeFish » Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:32 pm

I have! :D

Weren't allowed to take photos inside though - but I think that added the enjoyment to the fact we all could see Kim perform from so close. I've managed to get a seat in the first row, though at the extreme left - but Kim occasionally strolled in our direction, so that didn't bother me really.

Got to meet several fans of course, some who I knew already, and many new people, including even Marcel himself! :)

I was at the 4PM Sunday gig, wished I could stay at the second one (there still were tickets when I was buying mine...), but I thought since it's so far from home (East London - over 50km), it might not be the best idea... Err, in the end I've realised it was actually doable, so I hope this also happens next year - there are already rumours stating it!! :))

It was very Christmassy, only 3 regular 80s KW songs were on the setlist (You Came, YKMHO and the Kids), though Kim surprised us (me definitely) with her superb cover of "The Riddle"! And there was also a performance of an unreleased 13th Wilde Winter Songbook track, so everyone who made it were the only ones who got to hear it! :o 'Deck The Halls' it was called - mix of the traditional with new bits added 8-)
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Re: Who made it to Kim's Christmas concerts?

Postby WordsSalomeTouch » Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:31 pm

Only 3 original Kim songs out of the whole night! Can't say I'm surprised, nor by what they were, either, but a cover of 'The Riddle'. Ugh! why? It's not like he does your stuff live, woman! Always supposing anyway goes to see him. It sounds like a night I'm probably glad I missed (just like last year's ones), though meeting some of the fans might have made up for it, but when I go to a show, I prefer to enjoy the whole thing. But sadly it's not the 80s and 90s no more, you know, back when the artist's setlist would actually consist of at least, say 75% of her own stuff! THAT'S what I expect to be parting with my hard earned cash to see and hear. It's bad enough no show can be down without that bloody 'kids' song!

This is getting beyond a joke, and I don't know of ANYONE else that does this. It's kind of depressing being a fan of hers today it really is,, but at least you can say you were in the front row. That couldn't have been easy to achieve.
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